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Shoulder Pain Relief – Try these simple tips

Shoulder is a combination of muscles, joints and tendons allowing the arms to move flexibly. This is most common area of discomfort in people. It could be a temporary or chronic pain.

Let us look at the common causes for Shoulder pain:

Incorrect Posture:

Long hours of sitting, computer/laptop usage leads to shoulder pain. Lack of activity is the main reason for the stiffness and tenderness in the shoulder.


If you have hurt your shoulder or trauma in the nearby area can cause shoulder pain. This should subside over time.

Muscle Strain:

Carrying heavy objects, rigorous weight lifting in the gym or sudden movement of the arm can lead to muscle strain which in turn causes shoulder pain.


The cartilage in the shoulder ball or sides of the joint starts wearing off, generally with age. This can cause severe pain the shoulder joints.


If someone has had a fall resulting in breaking their shoulder bone, this takes time to heal and can cause shoulder discomfort for a very long time.

Medical conditions:

Medical conditions like swollen tendons or rotator cuff surgery results in shoulder pain until recovery.

The pain leads to discomfort while sitting and sleeping, fatigue, irritability that affects your daily routine.


  1. Stiffness in the shoulder area especially in the upper back.
  2. Soreness in the joints/muscles when you sit or sleep
  3. Inability to move your arms freely without feeling discomfort
  4. Tingling sensation in your arms or fingers
  5. Tenderness in the shoulder while you wake up in the morning
  6. Cracking sounds in the joints while moving them

It is important to know the cause of your shoulder pain is and then work towards relieving the pain.

Healthy lifestyle and home remedies and help relieve shoulder pain. It should be complimented with stretching and simple exercises.


A right posture while sitting and sleeping is most important and recommended. Take breaks from long sitting hours by stretching and taking short walks.

Hot & Cold Therapy:

Alternating between hot packs and ice therapy can give relief from neck and shoulder pain. They can also reduce inflammation and swelling. Hot packs improve blood circulation. Keep in mind the heat is not too much.


Simple stretching exercises are the best way to reduce shoulder pain. The exercises should be gentle and not cause additional pain. This could lead to an injury if done incorrectly. Exercises could be rotating your shoulder gently forward and backwards couple of times.

Keep your elbows straight and do a wall pushup with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Strengthening exercises like pulling your shoulder close to your ear and dropping it are also effective. Repeat the exercises few times and practice this every day.

Avoid heavy lifting:

Lifting heavy objects, bags or weights can put pressure on your muscles and joints. This can worsen the pain.


A gentle massage with essential oils have natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits which help to alleviate chronic pain.


A variety of pillows for shoulder pain are available in the market which is designed to maintain a good posture while sleeping. They also aid in reducing discomfort while sleeping.

Muscle relaxants and pain medication are the next resort if none of the above works. Its best examined by a doctor who can figure out the exact cause and the best solution to the pain. Physiotherapy could be recommended as an alternate option to help relieve chronic shoulder pain.

Final Words:

Allow your body to heal naturally by taking enough rest. A healthy diet can add nutrients to your body and nourish it. Give up smoking and alcohol which can affect the recovery process.

Listen to your body and act accordingly. If the pain is severe see the doctor immediately. It might need medical attention and in such cases home remedies don’t work.

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