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How to boost your Power level with MCT OIL

MCT oil has various positive effects on your body. For example, MCT OIL can increase your power level, boost your overall performance, and help you lose weight.

MCT means – medium-chain triglycerides and its naturally occurring fats that can only be found in a handful of foods.

Research has shown that the best MCT fatty acid is C8 caprylic acid, as it forms the most ketones in the blood.

This means that MCT oils consisting of 100% caprylic acid are the most effective.

Some MCT oils contain a mixture of caprylic acid C8 and capric acid C10, which therefore form fewer ketone bodies and are therefore less effective.

Buying Quality MCT oil

If you’re buying MCT oil from the store, it’s important to be sure of the ingredients used and quality.

MCT oil made from coconut extract should be preferred since it will contain the two quickly metabolizable fatty acids (C-8) caprylic acid and (C-10) capric acid.

The special structure of the fatty acids makes the oil tasteless and odorless.

Trying Oncali MCT oil should give you the desired result because it’s made with coconut extracts and free from additives.

Oncali consists of 100% of the fatty acids C-8 and C-10.

The oil can be used for Smoothies, Sauces, salad dressings, or simply adding it to salads as a concentrated source of calories.

The extraction of the oil is carried out in such a way that chemicals and artificial solvents are avoided.

Benefits of MCT oil and the Product made with it

  • Ketogenic Power for brain and body

Since MCT oil can be processed quickly in the liver, without going through the intestines, these oils can provide the body and especially the brain with particularly good power in the form of ketone bodies.

This is because your brain cannot store energy and needs a constant supply of energy, which is produced by glucose or carbohydrates during a normal diet.

Ketones have only recently been discovered as a second source of energy (besides glucose) for the brain.

These are power carriers that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier to effectively supply the brain with fuel.

You can lose weight naturally

Another health benefit of MCT oil is that it helps you to lose weight naturally.

The medium-chain fatty acids cannot be stored in the form of fat reserves, thus, can not be stored in your body, but are directly processed into fuel.

The Obesity Research Center of Columbia University in New York examined the effect of MCT oil on the dietary success of overweight in a study.

The study compared the basal metabolic rate of subjects who consumed MCT oil with others who were given olive oil.

The result showed a decrease in body fat in those who received MCT oil.

It helps in Nutrient metabolism

Another advantage of MCT oil is that a part of it is converted to heat, which in turn raises the body temperature and thus boosts the entire metabolism.

You can supply your brain with the powerful ketones, the so-called ketosis or keto diet, through a high-fat, carbohydrate-reduced diet.

Some other major health benefits of consuming the oil and natural product made with it are the following.

  • Effective conversion to power
  • No accumulation in the fat cells of the body
  • No influence on blood fat values or cholesterol levels
  • Burning of the body’s own fat reserves
  • Heat generated increases the entire metabolism


I’m Chaktty, a health journalist and agropreneur. I’m happy you now know that MCT oil is edible and has positive effects on the body.

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