How Much Water Does It Take To Flush THC

Water is good for our bodies in many ways, including cleansing our skin and aiding in the elimination process. However, many people believe that water can flush out THC or metabolites from their bodies in order to pass a drug test. Is it true?

Is Water Able to Pass a Drug Test?

Drinking a lot before you go to a drug test can help you pass it easily. A drug test can be passed if the THC metabolite in your urine is decreased. Drinking a lot of fluids can increase your urine output and lower your level of THC, but it also dilutes your urine.


This practice comes with a significant risk. The lab will reject your sample and make it more difficult to pass the drug test. It is not the best way to pass the drug test. However, it can be done if you are hydrated properly.

How Much Water Should You Drink to Flush Your System?

To pass the test, it is recommended that you keep your body hydrated for at least three hours before the test. It is better to start the test 6 hours before it occurs and then urinate several times before you give the samples. This will increase your chances of passing the test. To ensure that your urine doesn’t look too diluted, it is important to urinate at least three times before the test. The recommended rate for hydration is between 0.5 and 1 liter per hour.


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