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The Ultimate Guide HEART ATTACK SYMPTOMS of signs and treatment 2020

Heart attacks are one of the major instant killer diseases. But what causes it and how can they be prevented?

Heart is a small part of our entire body but this is very important. It works to transport the blood flowing in our body to other parts of the body and due to our wrong food and blood, the heart can stop working or its work can be affected. The blood coming to the heart comes with the help of three arteries, which are called coronary arteries. All the diseases of the heart have root in these arteries. If the blood coming in these arteries is blocked, it can cause a heart attack.

These individuals are at highest risk of heart attack

  1. Fat person
    Everyone knows about this fat that is the root of many diseases, but does anyone understand that the addition of fat will increase the risk of heart attack. Overweight people increase the risk of high BP, polygenic disorder and cholesterol, which is the reason for attack.

2. High BP (hypertension) patients

High BP increases cholesterol levels, increasing the risk of blockage. This can cause high BP patients to have a heart attack anytime. So if you want to avoid a heart disease, keep your BP under control (CONTROL), and have your body examined frequently.

  1. increasing age

With aging, individuals stop taking care of their health. In this case, cholesterol is increased in individuals due to incorrect eating and drinking, which will increase the risk of heart attack.

increasing age heart attack
  1. People who smoke

People who smoke excess have a pulse blocking blood in their heart, increasing the risk of heart disease. Blood does not conduct properly in their body and they become victims of this disease soon, so stop smoking immediately.

5. Patients with diabetes disorder

Diabetic patients have an increased risk of vascular blockage, which increases the likelihood of a heart attack. So if you are suffering from diabetes, use sugar sparingly and also take balanced diet to avoid case of pulse blockage.

Heart Attack Symptoms

  • Tiredness, dizziness, bizarre heartbeat, and anxiety, as well as chest or neck, back, or arms, include stretches or pain. Women are more likely to have unusual signs and symptoms than men and may experience:
  • Location of pain: high abdomen, mid-shoulder area, chest, jaw, arm or left arm
  • Type of pain: Chest pain
  • Sudden dizziness
  • Stomach and bowel: indigestion, vomiting, nausea or chest irritation
  • Restlessness and nervousness
  • Arm: discomfort or tightness
  • It is also frequent: anxiety, nervousness, shoulder discomfort, shortness of breath, or chest discomfort.

Serious: See a doctor for scientific advice.

Every year in India, the lives of many people are endangered by a heart attack. About a quarter of deaths in India are due to heart disease. That’s why never ignore it
Heart attack can be fatal for anyone. A heart attack is more likely in those people who have suffered from some heart disease earlier. If a person gets treatment at the right time in the event of heart failure, then that person’s life can be saved. If you notice symptoms, then you should immediately go to the nearest cardiologist and get your treatment done.

How Is a Heart Attack Diagnosed?

Lab Tests

Blood analysis is needed to identify risk factors related to coronary artery disease. If there is a presence of particular proteins that affect clotting, precautionary measures are taken. Lipid blood tests and enzyme and protein tests are conducted in the lab. Your doctor will receive the result of your blood tests for review and diagnosis.

Imaging Tests

Imaging tests may be required so that the doctor can get a clear view of the heart and electrical impulses affecting the heart rate. Echocardiograms reveal images of the heart valves and chambers to show the pumping activity. Electrocardiograms measure the electrical activity of the heart through the use of electrodes attached to various parts of the body. Blood flow is assessed as well as any heat abnormalities associated with a heart attack.

heart attack

Other imaging tests may include a stress test or exercise stress test, radiographic tests of the heart and nuclear imaging as needed.

Invasive Exams

Cardiac catheterization can be used to capture images of the heart and bloodstream activities when a material is injected into the circulatory system. The current situation of the heart can be assessed and future treatment determined.

In some cases, an intravascular ultrasound may be required for assessment of the heart. High-frequency sound waves are used to reveal a cross-section of the artery walls, including the interior layers. A sound probe is used, as it is placed through the coronary arteries for assessment.

If you suspect a heart attack or are at risk of having a heart attack, you should see your heart doctor right away for assessment. A timely diagnosis can save your life. Your cardiologist can determine the most effective treatment based on the symptoms you report and the diagnosis of the problem. In some cases, a heart attack may be brought on by heart problems and conditions that can be prevented.

If someone has a heart attack, it can be saved in some way.

  • Call emergency ambulance vehicle immediately
  • If someone has had a heart attack, tell him to lie down somewhere so that the person’s heart will be relieved.
  • Always keep some medicines given by the doctor with you.
  • Talk to your house or a friend and tell about your condition.
  • Till the time any help comes to the victim, he should be loud, and do not be afraid.
  • See the nearest heart disease doctor!

Heart Attack Treatment Cure forever, Try The Methods Mentioned By Us and Cure The Heart Attack Forever

  • Boil Arjun’s bark in 1 glass of milk until the milk remains 1/4, then filter it and drink it in your stomach.
  • We have tried this method on many people who had a heart attack problem, they never had a heart attack again after 6 months!
  • Doing yoga with it helps cure heart arrest quickly.
  • Eating one or two buds of garlic every day in the morning and chewing the stomach makes a difference in a heart disease quickly, Arjun can also do it with a decoction of bark!
  • Cinnamon is beneficial in heart disease
  • It excludes waste cholesterol from the body, and strengthens the heart. It also contains oxidizing elements. Regular use of it removes shortness of breath. Cinnamon can help relieve heart attack symptoms, and open heart blockages.

What Is The Avoiding of Heart Attack Patients?

  • Do not eat fried things
  • Avoid ghee
  • Nonveg – Do not consume alcohol
  • Use liquid things more
  • Eat green vegetables
  • Use warm clothes in winter
  • do not stressYoga is very important for ending a heart failure -Do not eat fried things
  • Avoid ghee
  • Nonveg – Do not consume alcohol
  • Use liquid things more
  • Eat green vegetables
  • Use warm clothes in winter
  • do not stress

Yoga is very important for ending a heart attack –

  • Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Anulom – Antonym
  • Kapalbhati

I hope you can get rid of heart attack forever by adopting this method.

Wake up every pranayama every morning for 15 minutes and do the yoga that I have written in the same order and keep in mind one thing, do all yogasanas comfortably, do not accelerate!

Kapalbhati: If you do this pranayama at a moderate pace, it can have the opposite effect if you fast and do it for 15 minutes!

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