Bringing Recycling Into 2022 and Beyond


Orlando King has an extensive business background. After earning an Associates’ degree in Business Administration through Valdosta State University, King began honing his skills as an entrepreneur. As a business consultant, he was able to work with many different companies, including Pinnacle Development and Management and Vertical Properties, Inc. After several years, he began his recycling adventure and has made his way up the corporate ladder.

20 Years of Experiences

Orlando King has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur specializing in business consulting, engineering, energy production, and recycling. His experience with accounting gives him the financial knowledge he needs to be proficient in managing the needs of his current company, 360 Recycling, Inc. As CFO/COO, King manages the day-to-day operations, both financial and otherwise, of the business. He has been able to establish the company as a leader in the field of renewable resources.


Understanding the World of Recycling

Recycling is a different world governed by federal rules and regulations that are used to return waste into a reusable material. While recycling itself is a rather simple process of collecting, cleaning, processing, and reusing materials, the challenge is working the way through the different permits and guidelines that must be followed in order to remain in compliance. King has the experience the company needs to take on these challenges and make any necessary improvements.

The Best Use of His Skills

Working within the recycling industry, allows Orlando King to use all of his business skills and take advantage of new challenges and opportunities. The skills he gained by completing his Associates’ degree helped him to find new ways to market 360 Recycling, Inc. and move the business forward. His skills and abilities played a large role in putting him in the running to take on a role he now treasures. He understands the responsibilities associated with being an ambassador and continues to do the best job he possibly can.

Being a UN Ambassador

In January of 2022, Orlando King was named as a UN Ambassador. This is the one role he is most proud of. After working for years to better the environment, he is now able to work for the betterment of the world as well. He is able to work with other individuals who have the same intentions and are willing to make their mark as advocates for a better world.

Orlando King has worked for many years to become a leader in his field. As a UN Ambassador, King can now use his expertise and many years of experience to provide advice and guidance on both the recycling and energy-producing industries. His work is no longer limited to a national effort, it’s now a global effort.